Pokhara to Kathmandu Airfare $77 to $85

Pokhara is the capital of Nepal’s tourism. Pokhara is famous in the world as a gateway of Annapurna region trekking too. More than this, Pokhara is always ready to welcome you with its spectacular sceneries. Adventure activities as well as comfortable accommodation and delicious foods are waiting to welcome you.

Pokhara – Kathmandu


First Flight Last Flight Total No. of Flights/ day Total Fare

Discounted Fare

Departure Time

Arrival Time Departure Time

Arrival Time

Buddha Air

8:30 9:00 16:00 16:30 8


Yeti Airlines

9:15 9:40 16:25 16:50 8 $85
Simrik Air 10:45 11:15 14:45 15:15 3


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