2 Nights 3 Days Chitwan Wildlife Safari Package

For the Chitwan Wildlife Safari, you need to go Chitwan, Sauraha. Chitwan is a district, lies in Province No. 3 which lies in subtropical Inner Terai, southwestern part of Nepal. It is one of the favorite tourist locations for vacation and research (nature & culture). Chitwan has an altitude of 415m. This region is also the home to Narayani River, the deepest and the only river to have dolphins in Nepal. The biggest city of Chitwan and fourth biggest of Nepal is Bharatpur.

The first national park (i.e. Chitwan National Park) established in 1973, in order to conserve animals, birds, flora and fauna. And, it is also in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site is lies in Sauraha, Chitwan. It is a favorite location for adventurous people or animal lovers.

Geography of Chitwan

Although Chitwan is warm throughout the year, it has various changes in climate and weather. From the month of March to the month of June, it is very hot. The temperature rises up to 40°C/ 104°F.  Nevertheless, nearing the end of June, monsoon starts with an average temperature of 28°C/ 82°F. It lasts upto September. During October-February, the climate becomes most preferable. The temperature is about 25°C/ 77°F during the day and 5°C/ 41°F at night.

More about Chitwan

The cities and villages of Chitwan is full with people of various ethnic groups, culture, religion and beliefs. However, they are very welcoming of guests. In fact, in the past, the Tharu are the main habitant of this place, but now because of its development, it is the home of various castes and community, sharing the common feeling of brotherhood. The largest city Bharatpur is the most developed city of Chitwan as it has an airport, bus, cab and rickshaw transportation, availability of internet etc.

The main occupation of people living in Chitwan is farming. Cows, buffaloes, goats, ox, sheep etc. are domesticated by the residents too. Furthermore, it is famous as ‘the store house of Nepal’ because it produces grains, vegetables, fruits and mustard oil enough to feed the country. Similarly it contributes poultry to the whole country and is also famous as ‘the egg basket of Nepal’. Meanwhile, the villages are turning into cities, most people also have 9-4 day job now.

Available animals and birds in Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park consists of many mammals such as Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros, Leopard, Gharial Crocodile, Smooth-coated Otter, Bengal Foxes, Spotted Linsang, Honey Badgers, Asian Palm Civets, Crab-eating Mongooses, Yellow-Throated Martens, Wild Boars etc. Also different types of deer are conserved in the national park. They are: sambar deer, red muntjac, hog deer, cheetal, etc. Similarly, many birds that has been protecting here are: Black-Chinned Yuhina, Gould’s Sunbird, Blossom-Headed Parakeet, One Slaty-Breasted Rail, Bengal Florican, Lesser Adjutant, Grey-Crowned Prinia, Swamp, Francolin Grass, Warblers, Slender-Billed Babblers, Oriental Darter, Egrets, Bitterns, Storks, Kingfishers, Peafowl, Jungle Fowl, Paradise Flycatcher, Brahminy Ducks, etc. Some types of eagle that can be found in Chitwan National Park are: Spotted Eagle, Greater Spotted Eagle, Pallas’s Fish-Eagle, Imperial Eagle, etc.

Likewise, we can find many different types of vegetations and grasses in Chitwan National Park. In the same way, it is rich in fauna. Many species of butterfly, moth, snakes, insects and fishes are present in this park.

Chitwan National Park covers an area of 932 sq. km. We can observe the beauty of this conservative park in various different ways. Chitwan National Park Safari is one of the most popular safaris of the country. This adventurous tour leaves you feeling amazing. You get to see the rare animals in their natural habitat up close whilst you will just be passing by. In addition to that, you get to be around the plants and flowers that are extremely scarce too.

There are ways one can tour the Chitwan National Park. Some of the most common ones are: Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari.

Jeep Safari:

In this tour, the visitors are driven around in the park in an open jeep. The wildlife in Chitwan National Park are used to people coming to watch them on jeeps. Thus, they do not run away or attack. It is actually a normal day for the animals. The jeep consists of 1 guide and 1 driver along with the visitors.  The driver knows to stop in certain places and the guide explains to you about the place. The guide shows you the animals, birds, plants and gives you all the information about it. You can stop and take photos too, but you have to make sure to turn off the flash as the animals, birds might get triggered.

However, as people have different likes, there are two different types of Jeep Safari. They are:

  • Shared Jeep Safari

The share jeep safari is a short tour of Chitwan National Park that lasts for 4-5 hours. It shows you the major areas of the park and stops at the considerable place where wildlife are likely to be more seen. In this safari, you have to share a jeep with other people as it can fit up to 10 people including the driver and the guide.

  •  Private/ Reserved Jeep Safari

The reserved jeep safari lasts longer than the previously mentioned safari. It takes the whole day and is supposed to start early in the morning. You get a private jeep for your own group. Because it lasts longer, you get to go deeper in the forest and explore more.

In comparison, Private Jeep Safari is more expensive and time consuming than Shared Jeep Safari.

 Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari in Chitwan National Park is probably the most enjoyable tour to explore the park. It is the best tour in terms of getting a close look at the animals and your safety. The elephant tour happens three times a day: morning, noon and afternoon. The elephants are rode by mahouts and one elephant carries four people. It lasts for about 1-2 hours. Since you will be on the elephant, you will be inside the park with the wildlife. Therefore, you have to be quiet as to not attract attention. Equally important, you have to hold on to your things such as camera, phone, and bag etc. tightly, so that you do not drop it. If you do drop something, you can bid it goodbye because you can get off the elephant only after exiting the park.

The individuals can take a trip to Chitwan and it just takes about three days. Hence, we offer the 2 nights, 3 days packages. In this package, all the major fun activities, that Chitwan is popular for is included. They are described below:

Day 1:

The guests are to wake up early in the morning, have breakfast in the hotel and leave for Chitwan from Kathmandu. The unavailability of an international airport in Chitwan makes it difficult for the tourists to land straight in Chitwan instead of Kathmandu. You can go to Chitwan via air or via road. The journey via bus takes about five hours and the sceneries of hills and rivers, along the way is breathtaking. You reach Chitwan at around 1 pm and the staffs from the hotel will receive you. You will be warmly welcomed at the hotel.

First Schedule

After freshening up and taking lunch, your schedule will be handed to you. As you will be tired because of your trip, the day 1 program will be short. The first stop is the elephant stable and elephant breeding centre. Then you will tour the local Tharu village and the Tharu Cultural Museum. It shows the tharu traditions, costumes etc from a long time ago. Then a little later in the afternoon, you can walk by the riverside and enjoy the beautiful sunset. If it is the summer season, you will be lucky enough to see elephants bathing in the river. Around 8:00 in the evening, dinner will be served at the hotel. Following that, the local Tharu people put on a show of Tharu cultural dance.

Day 2 of Chitwan Wildlife Safari:

The next day of Chitwan Wildlife Safari, you will get up at 6:00 AM and after finishing your breakfast in the hotel, you will leave for Canoe Ride in the Rapti River. There you can enjoy the view of the famous Gharial Crocodile. Later at noon you will be back at the hotel for lunch. Finally you will go for Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari and you can choose the type of Safari you want, whether it is Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari. During the Chitwan Wildlife Tour, you will get to see a number of endangered species in a close range, like: Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Rhinoceros etc. Later in the evening, warm dinner awaits you at the hotel.

Day 3:

The guide and hotel staffs will wish you safe journey after breakfast as you will be on the way to Kathmandu, taking memories back home and this is end of your 2 nights 3 days Chitwan Wildlife Safari package.

This Chitwan Wildlife Safari is one of the major wildlife tourism activities of Nepal Tour.

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  1. One of the options to see the wildlife in Chitwan national park is to go on a jeep safari. During this trip you will sit in de back of an open jeep to see the animals. The driver will stop to show places and animals. You will have a great opportunity to get some good pictures this way.

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